About us

 Dominique- Princess Of Puns, Owner, Designer SuperMom (Ann) -The Queen Of Sarcasm, Owner, Designer

The collaborative effort of the Dynamic Duo of Snarky Sarcastic Awesomeness.

I suppose this is the place where we are supposed to write a sweet & inspirational fluff piece about us and our shop, our dreams & aspirations and our inspirations. Since neither of us are into that sort of thing this will probably not look anything like that.

The real story is that this shop is a collaborative effort of my amazing 19 year old daughter and myself also know as the Dynamic Duo of Snarky Sarcastic Awesomeness. She is the Princess of Puns and I am a snarky sassy supermom. Thankfully we are both highly creative individuals with a sense of humor and totally find similar things funny. We both truly appreciate sarcasm, love to laugh and truly believe it is good for the soul. We know that our brand of humor may not be for everyone and we are totally ok with that. Self expression, creativity & being true to oneself are far more important to us than the entire worlds approval. :)

With that said, we are both working hard to bring new and funny items to our shop in hopes that those who appreciate our brand of humor will smile and laugh. Happy shopping and keep smiling!